About Tags

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Tags are used in two ways.

  1. they help you find the pages you want
  2. they close issues or hide notes

This second function is less intuitive and requires a detailed explanation.

How to use tags

As stated above, tags help you find stuff. They also are used when you close an issue (or hide a note). Here is how you "tag" a page or remove an issue:

Page Tags (add to TagCloud)

  • First, go to the page in question.
  • Second, click on the "tags" link to add or change the tag.

Issue Tags (remove an issue)

  • When viewing issues, the "tags" link does not appear
  • You must first click on "options" and follow the steps above.
  • To close and issue, enter "_closed" in the tag field.

Tags are a nice way to organize content in your Site. You can apply multiple tags (labels) to each of your pages. You can learn more what a tag is reading Wikipedia entries for Tags and Tag cloud.

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