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The Webmaster Tools is cloned site.

It has been converted from a CRM Tool, that is why the term "Customer" was changed to Service and "Issues" are now called Notes.

The function of "Issues" is problematic and need some explaining, that is why this Wiki entry was create to do. This page will be update over time so that a better understanding of "Issues" can be communicated.

At this time, it seem "issues" continue to display after a Service (or "Customer" Record) has been deleted. You might can this a bug (at least it bugs me). The work around it delete the issues attached to a service before that parent record is removed. When the directions to change the "tag" are followed, the problem persist, therefore the instructions need to be updated

The "_closed" tag removed the issue from view on the main page, however it will sometimes take time before this change is reflected. If a parent (service/customer) is deleted and the issue is still open (and perhaps even closed) it will continue to appear. The way to get rid of it is to go to "system:list-all-pages" list-all-pages and remain or delete it. I have found the rename accomplishes the goal (removed the issue from view) as well as the delete. This maybe a mod/database update problem/bug.

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