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ASEA ~ the key to living younger longer

The emerging science of molecular biochemistry named "Redox Signaling" has created a seismic shift in health science. The scientific medical breakthrough of the century is that for the first time in history, Redox Signaling molecules, fundamental to all life, can be stabilized outside the body.

After puberty, the mitochondria in your cells begin producing gradually less of these mighty molecules until by about age 70, you are only operating on 10% of the 100% capacity for production with which you were born. No wonder you experience aches and pains, susceptibility to disease and other signs of ageing!

The mitochondria comprise 1/2 of the body's weight. If your 75 trillion cells suddenly stopped producing Redox Signaling molecules, you would die within minutes. But when you replenish your cells with these molecules, your body responds as if you are younger! Athletes report astounding endurance and recovery experiences, too! (Test results available upon request).

Not a pharmaceutical or a nutraceutical, nor a vitamin or an energy drink, nor an antioxidant from fruits or vegetables with molecules too large to enter the cells, ASEA is in a category all its own - directly replenishing your cells (without digestion) with Redox Signaling molecules so fundamental, they even tell the Stem Cells what to do!

ASEA will never be found in a store and is protected by 31 U.S. and international patents.

Everyone has an ASEA Story! To discover yours, make your own "Case Study" without risk: ASEA has a 30-day empty bottle money back guarantee.

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