Save Our Sheriff (Mark Matthews)

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Save Our Sheriff is a grass roots movement of involved citizens at the county level working in to reclaim Constitutional government one Sheriff at a time.

The Big Government bureaucrats in Washington D.C. would like to fill the Office of Sheriff by appointment. If these forces of globalism replace the elected Office of Sheriff with a Federal agent this would effectively strip away our right to vote.

Most people are shocked to hear this. They don’t want to loose their voice in local government. That is the very reason SaveOurSheriff came into being, we firmly believe reclaiming the Office of Sheriff is the most important thing any of us can be doing right now.

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We are determined to:

  • Inform people why the office of Sheriff is so crucial to our Republic
  • Cultivate a positive social change effecting our entire Nation
  • Support those Sheriffs who adhere to the Constitution

We ask you to join our mailing list and support us in this noble effort. Let’s keep government in check and allow freedom to reign once again.

Mark Matthews

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